Cloud computing engineer: salary, job description, training …

The cloud computing engineer is responsible for managing the storage of corporate data in the cloud. The challenge is to secure the transferred data and make it easy for employees to access it from their workstation. Discover the salary of a cloud computing engineer, the job description, the trainings to follow …

The cloud computing engineer must find the companies that offer data storage services in the cloud (dematerialized servers) corresponding to the needs of the company for which he works. It studies the offers of the various service providers and manages the calls for tenders in order to find the ideal partner. He is then in charge of the effective implementation of the new cloud computing system and issues related to data accessibility. The cloud computing engineer can also be responsible for training employees on data storage. Its business has two components: a technical aspect for the implementation of storage solutions and a part focused on communication with the people who will be affected by the implementation of these new solutions.

Cloud Computing Engineer: Skills

The cloud computing engineer must have solid computer skills and in particular everything related to information security and data storage. Managerial skills are also sought after because he has to communicate effectively. 

Salary: 3300 € (junior salary) 
Education: Bac + 5 
Recommended high school diploma: all bachelor’s degrees

Cloud Computing Engineer: Training

Engineer’s degree in Computer Science, Computer 
Science and Networks 
Master’s degree in Computer Science in Multimedia and Networks Master’s degree in Computer Science, specialty networks 
Master’s Degree 
in Industrial Systems Engineering 
Cloud Computing and Mobility (Agile and Mobile Information Systems)

Cloud computing engineer: the curriculum

INSA Toulouse 
The Sorbonne
University of Picardy