How to secure your Hotmail account

If you are part of a user still using Microsoft Outlook (known in the past as Hotmail), what you need to know and what you may already know is very important to ensure that it is the best.

There is another reason why your Outlook account is so important. The problem is, if you have Windows 10 installed on your computer, Windows will let you go through Outlook to your Microsoft account. In case you use this option and someone has to password your account, this can lead to a big problem.

Do not let this happen to you! Below the article, we will talk about how to improve the security of your Microsoft user account and how to protect your own account in the best way possible.

Set a strong password. This is the first and most effective defense method.

The first step is also one of the most important steps. That means that when you create your account, especially if you are Microsoft (but also any other account), you need to have a strong password for your account.

If you set a weak password and/or short, it will not be enough to protect itself because it will easily be able to “break it down”, especially if it is more experienced hackers. A good enough password is a password that is at least ten characters inclusive of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

If you do not change your password at Outlook for a while, a good idea would be to do it right now. Log in to your Outlook account and then click your name in the top right corner of the page. Then select the View Account option to access the Microsoft User Account settings.

On the results page, click the Change password option located just above your email address, located between your profile image. Confirm your current password and then enter your new password.

If you want, you can also bookmark a box reminding you that you need to change your password after 72 days. Although this option is not required to enable, especially if you use a strong password to secure your email, it will not be too bad to include.

Enable Two-Step Verification

You may have heard about authentication or approval by two factors (or Two-Step Verification). It comes down to something you have, such as application code or text message, that will serve as an additional method of protecting your account. That way, even if someone steals your password or “breaks”, you will still have another protection against unwanted access to your account.

To get started with 2FA authentication methods or two shorter ones, visit the page of your Microsoft account first and go in the Privacy section. Then go to Basic Information on Security – Two-Step Verification – Next.

You will now be able to choose whether you want to use the application, phone number, or other email address to provide additional security. Each of these additional methods has its advantages and disadvantages. What is essentially an increasingly preopruńćuje is the insurance application, because it is one of the safest methods that work even when the phone is turned off. One of the recommended applications is Authy.

Be aware of who you share your account with

Although this may sound logical, it has not been mentioned yet. Each time you share your email address with another person, it can only increase the chances of someone penetrating that address. This in fact means that it is best not to share your email address with us unless it is really necessary.

Use your PIN to log into Windows

If you are using a Microsoft account to log on to Windows, your Outlook user account password is the same as the password used for betting in Windows. Although this seems appropriate, there are risks.

The first risk is that your password is stronger, so I say “harder” to put it. Therefore, to shorten your betting time down the computer, that is, in Windows, you may be tempted to shorten that password. The second is the password theft case in your computer. If this happens, the person will have a password so they can access your email address.

One of the solutions to this problem is to try some alternatives to lock your computer. Windows itself provides locking methods through PIN and image numbers. To enable any alternate methods, go to Settings – Account – Login options – Add.

Regularly check the activity history

Similar to a large number of other similar online user accounts, you have the ability to browse the Outlook bidding history. This really gives you the ability to self-verify and see if there may be any unauthorized access to your account.

To check this, go to your Microsoft account and select the Review Activities button. There you’ll be able to check out all recent activities, such as location and whether you have doubts. If something goes wrong, click Protect your account.

Be careful with fraud

Phishing is a way of stealing theft and other unauthorized information access through occasional email scams in which sender often “mask” his or her real intentions and be represented. is the legal sender. If you are not careful, this can result in sending fraudulent data to your fake counterparts to your account, which can lead to a large number of problems.

The best insurance method is that you never open the links found in some electronic messages. Instead of doing this directly, visit that site. Also, do not trust the message saying that you need to urgently verify your Outlook password to upgrade your Inbox since all this is a floppy disk. Microsoft will never ask for your password, especially via email.