How do I use the Gmail service in Microsoft Outlook?

If you regularly use Microsoft services to send and receive emails or Microsoft Outlook and if you want to link this service to Gmail, the good news is that it’s quite feasible. The newer versions of Microsoft Outlook will make this process easier and easier to implement. You will need some options in Gmail and then you need to connect Gmail with Outlook. These options are located on the Gmail website so that the first station is where we visit – the Gmail site.

Set up a Gmail account

Before you connect your Gmail account to Outlook, what you need to do is prepare shortly with your Gmail account. Get started by visiting the official Gmail site and get there. Unfortunately, the bumps in this step are what you need to go through the computer (that is, this does not work on mobile applications).

Click on the good old gear icon located on the right corner. From there, select “Install” or “Install”. You’ll see the settings from the drop-down menu that will open after you click the gear icon.

Switch to a new option called “Forwarding and POP / IMAP.” POP and IMAP are server options that adjust the functionality and functionality of email. In the “IMAP Access” option, select another option called “Enable IMAP.” Finally, click “Save Changes” to make the program record all the changes you made.

This is all about Gmail. Now it’s time to incorporate what’s supposed to be incompatible – Microsoft Outlook and Google’s email service.

Connect Outlook and Gmail accounts

Once you’ve set up your Gmail account (if you’ve followed all of the steps listed above), you’ve enabled your IMAP connection. IMAP will allow you to connect Outlook and Gmail in a very simple and easy way, what is needed and what we need.

In Microsoft Outlook, click the menu that says “File”. Then click “Account settings” or “Account preferences.” You will now open a drop-down menu. In the new drop-down menu, click “New.” In the “New” option, enter your Gmail address and click Connect as “Connect”. Enter the password for your Gmail account and then click “Connect” or “Connect”.

A small note involves two-step authentication: If you are using two-step authentication (that’s not a bad idea), you’ll need to set up a special Outlook password to connect your Gmail account. friend. If you do not use two-factor authentication and if Outlook does not want to link to your Gmail account after you enter a custom password, you may need to allow less secure apps to connect to the account. Your Google Account.

Wait for user account setup to complete. Do you want to use Outlook Mobile? If you want to enable this option. If you do not want it, uncheck it and then click “OK”. Now after all this you will be able to see your Gmail added in Microsoft Outlook.