Create Hotmail email account – Hotmail Sign up

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Hotmail (Outlook.com) is a free e-mail from Microsoft that is most useful to Internet users. Creating such an account gives us permanent access to advanced calendars, free office packs, disks and many other tools.

Create a Hotmail account step by step:

1. Visit the Hotmail.com website.

2. Press the “Create an account now” button at the bottom of the blue.

3. On the next page, provide the requested information in the form:

  • First name and last name: It will be able to appear in different Outlook services. For example, when you create some content that you plan to share later.
  • Name (example: first and last name): It can have letters, numbers and dots. And the size of the letters is not taken into account. Outlook may provide you with some other suggestions if the name is already used.
  • Password and password authentication: It is worth using at least 8 characters. We should not use passwords from other websites or websites. The best part is that both letters and numbers appear in it. When creating such passwords, Outlook will show us how difficult it is. It is worth it is the highest.
  • Birthday: Thanks to that, Outlook has the ability to enter the correct settings into our account. It never shows our date of birth without permission.
  • Sex: It is very useful when sharing certain content, like photos or posts. Then Outlook will display our gender. People who visit our profile will also be able to see that.
  • Mobile: As a result, Google will keep your account secure. When the password is lost, he will send text messages to us, so that we have access to the account.
  • Your current email address/alternate address: It will be used to protect our accounts as well as special notice. Additionally, this address will allow Outlook assigned to others in our account, such as a friend.
  • Location: Can provide for your primary residence or country. We always have the opportunity to make changes in account settings.

4. During the registration process, you may enter your name and remain anonymous. However, you should create an address in the form: “name.nozwisko@gmail.com”.

5. Then click the “next step” and “show my account” button. If everything has been filled out correctly, you can click “Go to Inbox”.

Thanks to these simple steps you just created your Hotmail / Outlook.com account.


Then you can go to its configuration. As a result, your email address will receive mail from other email accounts. In one of the emails from Hotmail, you’ll learn how to “Import old email and contacts.” Just follow the instructions.